Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to Prevent Allergic Idiots from Suing

I bought a can of what I think are the best peanuts in the country yesterday. The label on front of the can states, in large type, "The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Handcooked Virginia Peanuts." In case you still don't know what you're eating, the label in the back repeats, "Handcooked Virginia Peanuts" in medium type. The ingredient list, printed right below, is as follows: Super Extra Large Virginia Peanuts, Peanut Oil, Salt.

Just in case you're really, exceptionally stupid, underneath the ingredients appears, all in caps and in bold:



tunsie said...

does this company put out other products that may NOT contain peanuts.I guess their warning is 2 distinguish which of their products do contain peanuts.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

SPIKE ROGAN From Easton,PA said...

Soon Bongs will say "Do NOT drink the water inside" as well.

Virginia Peanuts said...

That was so funny... I wonder what's the reason for that to indicate that the can "contains peanuts" when you knew all along that you bought their peanut products :)