Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Feline Update

I'm on a "staycation," which is how the talking heads are trying to spin the fact that no one can afford to leave home this summer, which means that vacation time is spent in one's own backyard. In other words, I'm not working this week, except for the occasional meeting or two. So instead of a real post, here's a short update:

I was in fact inadvertently starving my cat. We went back to the vet yesterday to get him weighed, and with the increase in food he's put on half a pound in the past five weeks. Why the same amount of food he'd been give for the past 2.5 years suddenly became insufficient remains a mystery, but as long as he's putting on weight I'm not shelling out for further tests.

He's certainly been a happier cat recently, although he still gets me up at first light to beg for food. That was at 5:13 this morning, in case you were wondering. A true staycation would involve locking my cat out of the house overnight, but not even I am that cruel.

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tunsie said...

U don't need money 2 come 2 the lafayette.we love u anyway.u don't have 2 spend money 2 be popular at my place BUT a big BUT U cannot bring rufus because I am allergic 2 cats.i don't discriminate,it is a allergic issue.i miss u el i luvu el.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie