Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Career Institute

Cicadas have already arrived. It's mid-July, but summer has begun its slow fade. I've sold my business, and I gave myself the arbitrary deadline of Labor Day to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I get up every morning determined to determine something and then get distracted by the day, by the Times and by the pool, by whatever reading I'm doing, by a warm evening on my porch. I watch dusk come just a little earlier each evening, hear the cicadas, know something has to be decided, sigh, and turn back to the pages of my book.

What will I be when I grow up? All I know is that my friend's pool beckons. Maybe life is just randomness. If I let it go, something will come to me. That's my hope on a morning in the middle of July.


tunsie said...

whatever u want 2 b when u grow up I'm sure u will b good at,I will be cheering for u.don't do it with any luggage,u can't run if u r carrying dead weight.I luv u el good luck.xxoxoxoxoxoxoxox tunsie.tunisie.tunisie

tunsie said...

If u r looking 4 something u won't find it.I remember I was looking 4 my keys and was growing angrier because I was unsuccessful,and my mum said stop looking because u won't find them.when u r not looking 4 something it comes into your gin joint,all the gin joints in all the world,and it happens[rick,cafe americain,casablanca,morocco].I luv u el.tunsie.tunsie.tunisie

Anonymous said...
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