Friday, May 9, 2008

Word of the Weekend

The following was contained in a chain email that was forwarded to me. I think this word may be what I was looking for to describe the story of my life:

Christopher Foyle, British owner of Foyle's Bookshops, has
recently published Foyle's Philavery: A Treasury of Unusual
Words. In it he defines arcane English words currently dropped
or seldom used. Among them "Dentiloquy" (speaking through
clenched teeth) and "Latrability" (the ability to bark). One in particular needs to be returned to mainline usage:

"Kalopsia" is the condition in which things appear more
beautiful than they really are. It's like where girls (and
boys) in bars, for example, tend to look more attractive nearer
to closing time. For example: "At 1 AM the bar was high on

Sound familiar?


tunsie said...

I don't drink that much 2 make an ugly woman pretty,but some woman I have seen all the whiskey in all the world would not make them look pretty.I am not attracted 2 the same things other men r attracted friend marty said 2 me a long time ago don't marry a set of breasts,marry a good women,you'll be girls r super over protective of me.they don't like a person who has a mean spiteful streak one minute,and is nice the next.they r obsessed with beards.uncle u have a beard,u don't need a wife who has got one 2.what r u going 2 do go 2 the barber together for a shave.uncle do u want 2 wake up 2 that 4 the rest of your life.some of the people have latrability skills that they hide very well.I am guilty of speaking honestly of my thoughts, which get me in trouble,a lot.I find what comes out of her mouth makes a person beautiful.If poison comes out,that person is filled with poison.I don't believe in one night stands.never have.never will.I shy away from woman that go 4 that sort of thing.I would be afraid of what i will wake up 2.I have seen some horror stories.Horrific,terrible,bitter,spiteful,childish,agenda women,I wonder is there a word 4 that in foyle's philavery.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

Anonymous said...

Tunsie -

Are you aware that when you talk about your "girls" you sound like, well, a pimp? Just thought you should know.

tunsie said...

I never thought of myself as a pimp.the girls will have a good laugh at that one.U just made me laugh on this rainy miserable day.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

tunsie said...

not of this statement.but today my friends girlfriend just gave him her years.she is now lodged forever in his heart.I lost a girlfriend 2 cancer once,it is a most heartening draining experience.I have a beautiful girlfriend now who is trying 2 do the right thing by trying 2 quit smoking.I want everybody who sees her 2 support her in this quest.I can't imagine being without her.she keeps me in line,she hurts when i hurt.she laughs when i laugh.she is happy when i do well.she knows what makes me happy. i lov u el tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

SPIKE ROGAN From Easton,PA said...

LOL, the stories tunsie posts when he talks about his girls on his lap also sound like he should be a Preist in the Catholic church. Who often moves.

I have to re-read Fear & Loathing: In Las Vegas for that word. Somehow it would fit in that book very snuggly.

tunsie said...

I don't want 2 comment on catholic priests.I don't fool with commenting on any religon.U might get struck by lightning.4 once in my life I choose 2 make no comment.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

tunsie said...

Tomorrow is mums day.I can't see my mum anymore but she is in my heart,wherever i go.whatever i do.I know this because my sister in law told me.she is with me all the time,even when I'm sleeping.she hurts when someone hurts me.I know because when someone is hurtful towards me, it make my heart heavy,as if 2 people r feeling the pain.she taught me 2 treat hatred and anger,not with the same,but rather understanding.NOBODY loved like her.she had the warmest heart.I miss her sooooooooooo much.those of u who r fortunate 2 have a mum don't know how lucky u r.I will miss her even more tomorrow.when u have a mum u have a buffer.things don't hurt as much as when u have a girlfriend lost her mum last she will be extra sad tomorrow.I want everyone 2 call her tomorrow, and ask her about her smoking 2.cos she smoked 4 cigs last nite when i was with her.ronald reagan called his wife, has a special meaning.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie