Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex (Yay!) and the (Yay!) City (Yay!)

During its first two seasons, I wasn't a fan. It felt too frivolous, too out of touch with the reality of my life in NYC. I lived in the East Village during the entirety of the show's six-year run, and by season 3 I was a fan. After 9/11, the show became more and more serious, more and more mature, making the transition from New Economy youthful exuberance to a meditation on how to retain the romantic yearnings of youth as you, and your culture, age and change.

So yes, I've been looking forward to the movie and no, I didn't go see the showing at 12:01 this morning. I am going this afternoon, though, and after the film and a pink drink or two I'll come back and post my thoughts. Well, let me clarify: sometime before Monday I'll come back and post my thoughts. Because one never knows in advance how many pink drinks one might consume.

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