Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Can't Fight the Water Authority

Our water authority is about to increase its rates. There's nothing surprising there; just another utility charging us more. The average increase is something like $0.72 a month for residential service. What's galling is the letter my hairdresser received yesterday, as he was giving me a cut. He clearly uses a bit more water than the average person, what with all the shampooing and rinsing and washing of towels, and this fact was not lost on the water authority.

"Congratulations!" his letter exclaimed. "Our records indicate that you are a Special Care Customer. Because water is essential to your business, we want to ensure that you will never suffer a loss of service." His letter goes on to explain that his bill will increase a bit more than mine so that infrastructure can be improved. "We care about you," says the water authority, "and because we care about you, we're going to make you pay us more."

OK, but I actually do know something about water delivery in my fair city. All of us, Special Care or not, are hooked up to one main or another. If a main fails, everyone - hair salons included - hooked up to that main loses service until the main is fixed or service is rerouted through another main. Besides, who wouldn't suffer without water? I may use less, but I need water to drink, cook, bathe, just as much as he needs it to wash hair. Marketing-speak cannot change that simple fact.

Here's another simple fact. Around a month ago a filter at the water treatment plant went down for about two minutes. As a result, "all" customers received a phone call telling them to temporarily boil their water before drinking, just in case. I never received this call. I did receive my water bill the other day, so they certainly do know where to find me when they really need to. Of course, I don't use enough water to qualify for Special Care. I suppose you really do get what you pay for.


tunsie said...

I am not worried of the filter because i have a in line water filter tht filters water both cold and hot resevoirs via reverse costs me about 35 dollars a month, all the doctors at saint lukes have one,and a few of my friends have one here,that is how i became aware of it.tunsie.tunsie

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Natives of Williams Township and West Easton do not need water. They eat from McDonalds on Larry Holmes. Drink mountain Dew and Coors Light (Like Kid Rock!).

And well taking showers, and washing clothes hinders the "Git-r-done" lifestyle they love so much.

Unless Dale Earnhardt Jr gets "" as a sponsor. Then they will take 50 a day becasue someone with the name Dale Earnhardt endorses this.

Seriously though, the city needs new mains. Maybe they should overcharge McMansion land (aka Forks) like they did the City proper.

it was on the city residents dime forks was build up for the authority. its time the yuppie swine in Caddy SUVs pay the price as well!