Friday, February 6, 2009

Sex Ed, Continued

Today we consider a local favorite, prostitution. David Reuben, M.D. has much to say on the topic; this is the longest chapter in the book, perhaps because the prostitution chapter also contains information on lesbians, while gay men have an entire chapter of their own. Why? you ask. Obviously because prostitutes hate men and so do lesbians. Prostitutes are therefore lesbians. It's all very logical. We'll leave the lesbianism for our next lesson and get right to the trickin' and the whorin'.

How does a girl become a prostitute?
Most girls become prostitutes because they like it. The transition from a "straight" girl to a straight "girl" is usually a gradual one. It starts with run-of-the-mill promiscuity, maybe a divorce or two, then a job at a night club as a waitress or bar maid. Freelance sex with customers for gifts plus association with full-time hustlers who hang around the club often prompt a girl to put the pieces together and get in the life...

What causes the "demand"?
Let one of the girls tell her theory. Bonnie is twenty-seven; she has been playing for pay since she was nineteen.
"The only thing that keeps us in business is the American wife, God bless her. Those overfed, overdressed smug little bitches help me buy a new mink coat every other year. If all the wives woke up at once and gave their husbands what they wanted, I'd have to go back to waiting on tables at a beer joint. But I'm not too worried - business gets better every month. As long as the average woman thinks she has a golden vagina I'll be in good shape."

We next get a dissertation on the economics of the high-class hooker, how much she takes in versus how much she spends on hair, make-up, bedsheets, etc. According to our expert, after expenses she doesn't make very much.

If prostitutes don't wind up with much money, then why do they do it?
Virtually every prostitute is in the life because she wants to be. Obviously any woman who chooses to rent her vagina to a dozen men a day has a serious emotional problem...All prostitutes have one thing in common - they hate men.

Why is that?
The full answer is a complicated one related to the deep underlying emotional problems that drove them into the game. Basically, prostitution is an ironic form of revenge against all men, acted out on the johns...

What's a street whore?
Usually an overage hustler, an alcoholic hooker, or one that's on narcotics. They have become so dilapidated that they are willing to go for the price of a drink, a fix, or a cheap hotel room. They don't last long and are swept up by the police, usually within the hour.
Another class of prostitute works the bars; these hustlers are carefully segregated by the class of bar they frequent. The neighborhood girls hang around cheap corner bars; the club girls make themselves available at selected night spots. The more expensive hookers choose the more expensive cocktail lounges in fashionable hotels and motels.

What happens to prostitutes when they get old?
That's when things get tough for the girls. Some of the lucky ones have managed to save enough out of their earnings to go into a small business. One of the favorite lines is a ladies' ready-to-wear shop supplying fashionable clothes and fancy underwear to other hookers...

I'll never think of Victoria's Secret the same again.


tunsie said...

el sweetheart honey....promiscuity.waitress job.hanging in the neighborhood bar.opening a small alcoholic hooker who goes to hotel rooms....she is going 2 say I had something 2 do with this.she is going 2 start with her fantastic accusations again.i didn't know i had a son until that dysfunctional women tod me so.i don't know what she is going to brew up next.why couldn't u wait till i went 2 australia.i thought u liked me.....tunsie.tunsie

tunsie said...

prostitution is such a generic term.the new wave of prostitutes come in the form of developers.they take the money for 10 projects and finish one or two.i have seen many business prostitutes,needless 2 say thier business life was short lived.there is no substitute 4 hard work.there r no friend marty tells me people never cease 2 amaze me while watching the madoff 50 billion dollar niece who is super over-protective of me moniters me like a mother hen.she tells me uncle don't play in dirt because if it rains it will get muddy.i luv u jennifer u r soooooooooooooooooooooo smart.tunsie.tunsie

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I suspect when they say "prostitutes" they mean in todays terms "escort". And not a Ford.

I wish I could have had this book, when I lived downtown.

My old APT building was more brothal at one point than residential and Thai restaurant.

If you ever want a street lady, and some crack cocaine, a resident of that building can always help.

I had a crack head bother me outside my apt door (a basement apt, and he go in the building with no key!) bother me where the two street ladies were that night.