Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Riddance 2008

It's the time for all sorts of year-end contemplations, and I'll get to various changes I hope for in 2009 tomorrow. This morning, I've been instead trying to find the good in the past year. Was there really any good? It felt like one catastrophe after another. Last spring, stocks began falling, nothing like the autumn, but it began in the spring nonetheless. That's around the time that prices steeply rose - fuel and other commodities. Remember that? Then the whole second half of the year was about calamity, layoffs, the evaporation of "wealth," if by "wealth" one means the savings and retirement accounts of every single American. But surely something good happened in 2008, right?

Well, we had a fascinating and, for me anyway, satisfying Presidential election. But that wasn't good because I liked the outcome. It was good because so many people cared about it, and because so many people got involved and then voted. Democracy demands participation, and this was one participatory election.

The summer wasn't too hot, so we didn't have to spend too much on air conditioning. Then, after the not-too-hot summer, commodity prices began to fall. Sure, no one has any money to spend and things are a mess, but gas is cheaper than it's been in years. You can theoretically spend less for the trips you aren't taking and on the commutes you aren't making to the job you don't have.

We started daylight savings almost a month early, as we'll do again in 2009. Standard time is now used only four months of the year. So, it was light later in the evenings in 2008 than it's ever been. And now that the winter solstice is over, it's already getting lighter every day. This might have been a bad year for almost everything else, but it was a good year for daylight.

With the launch of Hulu, more television and movies are available online and for free. Hulu is, without a doubt, probably the best thing about 2008. Network television might be in decline, but that's just because we have more viewing options than several years ago.

Sadly, that's all I've got. Yeah, 2008 sucked. We've got a lot to celebrate Wednesday night. It's finally over.


tunsie said...

2008 was a most enlightening year 4 me.I saw a lot of of people 2 the core.abnormal people try 2 hide the fact that they r a crazy bitch 4 as long as they could so they can b treated normal[they r not thought of as another crazy].I also learned with business that the best advice is no and let die,don't offer any advice even if asked.some people know everything whether it is business,political,experts in even brain surgery,but thier personal lives r all messed up.somebody,somebody somebody in heaven is watching over me.thank u mom,cyril,jabbour,anthony,lisa.I will always love u 4 allowing me 2 see how distorted some of these people really r,I Won't miss a thing in 2009 GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

S said...

Hulu ROCKS. At least learning about that in 2008 was ONE good thing. So was your fondue. Thanks, El.