Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Old Man and the Brittany

If you're not watching The Greatest American Dog you're not missing much. I had high hopes for the show before it premiered - it's Survivor meets Big Brother meets America's Next Top Model, with dogs! - but in reality while all the dogs in the competition are great, the humans tend to bore. Brody and I continue to watch every week because of the presence of what must be the sweetest old man in the world, Bill, and his orange and white Brittany, Star. Bill and Star are simply in love with each other, and Star is incredibly well-behaved while Bill is incredibly, well, nice. We're rooting them on for the win, as I'm sure is every other Brittany owner in the country. We've never won Westminster, but our breed can at least win this piece of crap.

I naturally think Brody's the greatest American dog, but while we watch we play a game called "Imagine What Brody Would Do if He was on the Television Show." Brody participates by lying on my lap and listening to me talk. "Look, Brody, none of these dogs is humping another," I'll say. "If you were on TV you'd be humping the Pomeranian right now." Sometimes I'll exclaim, "Look, buddy, a good Brittany! She's sitting rather than chasing the other dogs around the sofa!" Sometimes it will be something like, "Wow, none of those dogs are taking a poop in the basement. Look at that, they all go on the grass, outside." Brody takes all this with poise and calm. He is an exceptionally good sport.

Even if you don't have a Brittany, you really should watch the show just once before it ends if only to see Bill and Star. I wish he was my grandfather. I wish Star had raised Brody. I wish Brody would stop pooping in the basement. It airs Wednesday nights at 8 on CBS.


tunsie said...

I don't have a dog myself but I like a lot of them.Fergie,who is now in heaven,use 2 bark when she saw me then she use try 2 go into my car.Gabe is a good doggie when we first got him he did pee-pee while he was sitting on my niece's lap.and 1 time he was in my car with 3 children,they were all fighting 2 hold him and he vomited in the back floor of my car.I have another buddy who i don't see so much,feZ,he did doo-doo in front of someones office one time,and I will not divulge that info for fear of incriminating my buddy,beside snitches get stiches.he saw me a few months ago and he came right over 2 other friend is Brody.he visits me with his mommy,and I try 2 sneak extra goodies 2 him when she is not looking.I guess she doesn't want him 2 get chubby.I also have another buddy in heaven his name is Miller,he was a nice day when i get 2 heaven i will see Fergie and Miller and I will throw a stick and have them retrieve it,why not I will have a lot of time 2 do that there.I luv u el.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

Just Asking said...

For the record...Miller was a GIRL dog, so when you get to heaven Tunsie, don't call her a he. haha

I like Bill too. Star is incredibly well behaved, doesn't bark and bite like my cur.

Thanks for not giving away the plot because I didn't watch it yet, the show is still waiting patiently on my TiVo.

Brody...make friends with the grass!!!