Sunday, February 10, 2008

WordWatch 2008

Mountaineer. Navigator. Trail Blazer. Escape. Excursion. Aviator. Tundra. Santa Fe. Wrangler. Expedition. Bronco. Outback. Forrester: Vehicles that can never be driven off-road.

Countryside. Glenndale. Fernwood. Brookside. Fieldcrest. Meadowlawn. Mountainview. RiverRun. Forestgate. Parkland: Streets that are named for that which was destroyed during their construction.

Younger boxer-like mix. Adult mixed breed. Spuds McKenzie look-alike. Feisty bull-terrier mix. Nice disposition mixed breed. Not good with cats. Large terrier mix. Sweet pit-a-poo. Gentle giant: Ways the shelter describes pit bulls.


Sandy said...

I saw the phrase "big boned" today, describing an American bulldog.

tunsie said...

we have a dogggie named gabe,and i don't know any thing about winnifred asked me what kind of doggie gabe was.and I told her it was a dijon,i was hoping i had some mustard at the time,it was a fruedian slip.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie