Friday, February 8, 2008

Cashstick Junglia

It's official: every writer and producer ever associated with Sex and the City gets his or her chance to write/produce a knock-off. I used to watch SATC; if I ask, will Jeff Zucker give me an hour of prime time? I'm not going to comment on Cashmere Mafia or Lipstick Jungle because I haven't watched them (not that this would normally stop me). It's the phenomena that interest me.

Can a woman have it all? That seems to be the premise of these shows. Can a woman be attractive, hold down a high-powered job, wear ridiculously "fashionable" clothes, and still get the guy? From the network's point of view, the answer to this rhetorical question would have to be "no" in order for narrative plotting to continue. SATC's finale, after all, found our heroines happily coupled-up. However, I don't know of a single woman who watched SATC because she was interested in finding out if women could have it all. Everyone I know who liked the show liked it because it was funny, because it depicted women in their true raunchiness, because it depicted characters who were realistically flawed and realistically human.

The knock-offs reduce SATC to a premise and a wardrobe. Women know they can "have it all." Women have been marrying and reproducing while working for two generations now. Network executives, nearly all male, are the only ones interested in pursuing this uninteresting question. We're left with a couple of silly television shows where a group of friends run around in, essentially, costume, grab a few drinks together, and then venture forth into romantic disaster. We'll see if the writer's strike causes an audience to care by necessity.

We'll get more of this in March, when Bravo premiers the reality version of this concept in The Real Housewives of New York City. In the meantime, I'm going to sign off and go back to my incredibly high-powered job. I'm wearing Jimmy Choos and a tu-tu, hoping to meet a special someone later, over dirty martinis.


Anonymous said...

The writer, the socialite, the lawyer, the high-fashion sleaze; while their banter was refreshingly bawdy and their circumstances just enough larger than life, don’t you think they’re just a little too stereotypical? Not one of them is a thrice divorced, overweight, chain smoking meter maid. They’re all just a little too glam for that particular type of reality.

Not that I know anything about that….

tunsie said...

In the summer I had a planned meeting with my assistant at an outdoor cafe in New Jersey Beside her on a table were 5 strategically dressed women.while listening to their obnoxiously loud conversation she found out they had 12 divorces between them.they also had 30-40 failed relationships,they had the engagement rings 2 prove it.every time a man would walk by they wore their smiles x tra tight.she called me when i was on my way and asked me 2 meet her at mcdonalds.i asked,why? she said simply,very simply it's safer.SATC fact or fiction? tunsie.tunsie.tunsie