Wednesday, June 3, 2009

While I Slept

I'm usually a relatively light sleeper, prone to bouts of insomnia. For several reasons, including a couple of cocktails before bed and two hours spent clearing away unwanted prickly bushes from my yard, I slept soundly last night. So soundly, in fact, that I've spent most of the morning dealing with the ramifications of all that I slept through. To wit:

1. A thunderstorm severe enough to knock out my electricity and throw branches all over my property.

2. My cat throwing up hairballs the entire length of my (carpeted) hallway.

3. The ice maker in my new refrigerator deciding of its own volition to spew ice cubes all over my kitchen floor. Said refrigerator is either defective or possessed. I'm looking forward to watching the repairman either replace it or perform an exorcism.

4. Both of my neighbor's cars being broken into in the middle of the thunderstorm, violent weather being the perfect cover for non-violent crime. Rumor has it that every dog on the block was barking like crazy first at the miscreant and then at the cops who rushed to the scene; I missed this because while I slept I also missed

5. My dog sleeping through a robber prowling the streets while my refrigerator spewed ice cubes and a thunderstorm raged.

No more bedtime cocktails for me.


tunsie said...

I know a trap when i see one.I and I will not comment because she will say my comment is directed towards her.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

beths said...

welcome to my hearing-impaired world of sleep!