Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the Hood

Once or twice a day Brody goes on a walkabout around our little neighborhood. I know I'm not supposed to let him do that, but he confines himself to the immediate area and mainly goes from house to house looking to visit with one or another of his dog friends on the block. Often, he'll come home carrying some delectable treat found in a neighbor's yard. The Bichon down the street buries his soup bones, for example, and Brody likes to dig them up, bring them home, and try to hide them in my bed.

In the past year, Brody has also found three antlers, part of a deer hoof, and rawhide chews in various states of decomposition. None of this is weird. Here is what is weird: at least once a week he returns home with an entire piece of fried chicken in his mouth. It's always a thigh, and it's always whole. This never happens on trash day, so wherever he's finding the chicken it's not by rooting through someone's trash. It appears that someone on my block is simply buying large amounts of fried chicken and leaving it out somewhere.

In the summer, the chicken was putrid from the heat. These days it's frozen, and today's piece was coated in snow. I like fried chicken as much as the next person, but I have yet to buy a bunch of it and leave the leftovers in my yard. Why is Brody finding friend chicken in someone's yard? Why is it always thighs? Thighs are the best part. Neighbor, whoever you are, eat the thighs! If you must leave chicken in your yard, leave the wings.

Also, neighbor, fried chicken isn't good for you. Chicken also tastes good roasted, broiled, or grilled. I'm just saying. Also, Brody likes mashed potatoes with his chicken, and maybe a biscuit or two. If you're going to leave a meal in your yard, at least try to make it well-balanced. Finally, neighbor, if this is leftover chicken that you're saving for lunch, well, I'm sorry. Try storing it in the refrigerator next time.


Anonymous said...

Brody is clearly running downtown and bringing you takeout.

LVCI said...

Please be careful! Not being an alarmist, but when I was very young. A neighbor used to poison cats that came in his yard that way. Other then that moron, all the neighbors were great and the animals enjoyed each other's company when they made their rounds. Would have been perfect except for that one crazy dufus! It only takes one wingnut to mucky things up!

tunsie said...

The doggie should not ask the neighbor 4 fried chicken.INSTEAD,he should ask for thin strips of chicken satay with asparagus,mushroom,and waterchest nut.he should ask 4 a side of roasted beets,and a salad consisting of assorted greens,tomatoe,pear and grape garnish with a honey dijon mustard vinagrete dressing.and some pumpernikel bread.than and only than will brody be living large,as well as in charge.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie