Friday, January 23, 2009

Retail Theory

I'm used to seeing stores erect their Christmas sections right after Labor Day. I don't like it, but I'm used to it. I'm the kind of person who takes one holiday at a time, in order, and the rush to Christmas seems to me to give, say, Columbus Day the short end of the stick. However, I didn't realize until yesterday that spring actually begins in mid-January.

My local big-box bulk discount store has already set up its spring garden section. Who cares if the yard is full of ice? It's time to buy Miracle Grow and plastic "Grecian" pots! Is there a better way to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday than by buying some patio furniture? All of you with flower boxes better rush out this weekend and stock up on marigold seeds; they might be gone by the time you need them in mid-May.

Also, and I learned this the hard way, be very careful with your winter coats. Should a tragedy befall your winter coat in the middle of winter, you will be screwed. Winter is the time to buy shorts, not warm coats. OK, I'm off to shop for some mulch.


tunsie said...

miller hardware in west easton sells plants that he starts 2 grow himself,so all u need 2 do is transpant them in your girl danielle has an extra coat that will fit u,so don't worry about that.I think the stores r trying 2 get a jump on seasonal sales so they r not stuck with it at the end of the season.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

Anonymous said...

So I'm reading this: "This blog is signed up for analytics, which means that I can check to see how many visitors it gets, what pages people click on, how long they stay on the site, things like that. I can also see what led people to the site, and if they came by a Google keyword search, what those keywords were. This is where things get interesting. Most people find this blog by searching for it, which is gratifying and makes sense. However, other people find their way here by way of some interesting searches."

Sheesh, El, should I browse the "brand" dashboard, too?

No need to have to sign my name, however. ;)

Will read more later.

tunsie said...

was that comment of the blog? Since u opened the door If i had an ugly wife I would go after whores 2. I would not pick the ones with a BEARD like you. I hope she gives you that virus so u die a miserable death u asshole.U r not afraid i go 2 sixth street and file a complaint and jeopardize your job like U put 2 un assuming women out of business u COWARD. tunsie

tunsie said...

should my post get deleted and not his I will be there on monday morning U can count on it el.

Elucidator said...

Tunsie, what is your problem with Anonymous? He or she didn't say anything to warrant your response. He or she is responding to something I wrote almost a year ago.

And anonymous comments are allowed here, so you can't fault someone for remaining anonymous if that's what they want to do. I won't delete your comment, but I also don't understand it.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Last winter the furnace at my old house died.

Luckily the "do it yourself" store in Bethlehem Township had "all heaters 60% off", it was early February.

Normal minds would think March or April, is when you Move that at 60%.

PS: On a unrelated topic. The funniest channel on cable lately is Fox "News".

Wow, Stephen Colbert couldn't write this stuff!

Just Asking said...

it is crazy isn't it? if anyone thinks i want to try on a bikini now, they've got another thing coming! there should be one store that markets based on the actual season, what could we call it....just in time?