Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to Find Me

This blog is signed up for analytics, which means that I can check to see how many visitors it gets, what pages people click on, how long they stay on the site, things like that. I can also see what led people to the site, and if they came by a Google keyword search, what those keywords were. This is where things get interesting.

Most people find this blog by searching for it, which is gratifying and makes sense. However, other people find their way here by way of some interesting searches. Here are some examples. Think of it as a test: can you remember any post that would relate to the keywords?

Thomas Jefferson is hot
This really seems to be the consensus; three people came here from this search, and several more by searching "Jefferson + hot."

What not to wear
I must have used this phrase at some point, and it must be greatly sought-after advice. Twenty-eight people in the past month have visited here based on this or the related "what not to wear + over 40" search. If I dedicated this blog to fashion tips, I'd quickly become the Huffington Post for the early middle-aged.

Carol Alt + underwater

Barnabas Collins attractive
I remain certain I didn't use these three words together in a sentence.

What period of culture is Spring and All from?
Whoever conducted this search must have clicked through pages and pages of links before stumbling here. Whoever you are, if you're still out there looking, Spring and All was first published in 1923 by Robert McAlmon's Contact Press. Modernist period, baby, modernist period.

Mary Tyler Moore + sex
That's just...I don't know how to feel about my prose satisfying that search. Enough said.


Beth said...

Fascinating post--more food for thought than if one simply googles her own name (for example). Your posts create wide-ranging intersections of interests and offer different planes on which to converse. That's why I read your blog--it gets me out of town virtually if not literally. Well, enough fan mail.

tunsie said...

I got here because u put the address in my computer .you did this because you know i am not a good typerist.i also enjoy talking about food,4 which u provided me a road.tunsie.tunsie.tunsie