Thursday, March 20, 2008

Self-Inflicted Exhaustion

I read somewhere that something like 75% of dog owners let their pooch sleep in their bed. Of that group, close to 90% claim that they don't ever get a good night's sleep. Count me in that group. My household includes a cat as well as a dog. I wasn't going to let the dog sleep in the bed, but because the cat was already there, and you can't train a cat to do anything let alone sleep anywhere in particular, it only seemed fair to allow the dog up too. Everyone sleeps like a rock except for me, probably because I'm lying there pinned between two rocks.

Back in the day hunters and trappers would categorize night's coldness by the number of dogs it would take to keep warm. That's how the band got the name Three Dog Night; a real cold one would take three dogs to stay warm in an unheated cabin. In a heated house, "one dog one cat" nights feel like I've got a furnace in my bed. I don't just attempt to sleep between rocks, but between heated boulders, radiant and immovable.

All of this is to say that I've had three cups of coffee and am still too tired to think coherently about anything. I'll try to post later, after a cat nap or two and after my lying dog lets me sleep.


tunsie said...

I have never slept with pets,but i did sleep with all my nephews and nieces was hard sleeping.i woke up with 2 hands in my face and a knee in my side.everybody slept comfortably that nite except me tunsie.tunsie.tunsie

Just ASking said...

Lucy is an undercover sleeper and is also a furnace which does not mix well with hot flashes. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Is Lucy a dog or a person? Just asking.

SLE said...

I spend most nights being acupunctured by my big fat cat or pinned down by the other big fat cat. I'm not complaining; this is an improvement on the multitude of cat a**es I've woken up to during the last 10 years. Stop complaining. Brody and Rufus adore you. Or at least your body heat. Or your bed.