Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Memoir in Six Words

Can you describe your life in six words? The editors of Smith magazine asked readers to do just that, and a compilation of the best submissions has been published as a book, Not Quite What I Was Planning. Now everyone' s doing it, and you can too. Here are some examples:

Failure was apparently an option here.

Crawl, step, run, step, crawl, lay.

Making shit up as I go.

California, Pennsylvania, Jersey, Manhattan, Vancouver, Seattle.

Fat man in a sweater vest.

Here are a couple that I wrote:

I meant it at the time.

Play, Stop. No FF, no rewind.

Moved one place, then to another.

Too many books. Too little time.

Dog. Dog. Cat. Cat. Dog. Dog.

So, join in - see if you can write your autobiography in only six words.


TW said...

Born poor, lived hard, getting tired.

Just Asking said...

Daddy, brothers, husband, son, men surround.

Anonymous said...

All cash gets spent too fast.

Anonymous said...

Shit sandwich: Minimize shit, Maximize BREAD!

tunsie said...

life is 2 short 2 bitch